Thursday, August 6, 2009

imreportcard I love this site

A good news for me (As well as for my readers as they will get to know about this great site).I have been paid 20$ from a site.Yes and that too for work of 3 days in total.You may not believe it at first I also could not believe in what I actually saw the payment in my paypal account.This site is an Internet Marketing site where you need to basically grade different products or opportunities.You earn 5 credits for each rating of a comment,you get 10 credits for rating a product.When you write a comment yourself then you can earn 50 credits for that.You can cash out once you reach 2000 credits and that equals to 20$.Remember to make the cash out you require to make 1/4 th of the total credits from making comments.So,for the first cash out you need to make 10 comments.The comments should be well written as all of them are reviewed manually by the site.Remember for users from some countries(India included) you have to submit a review first about any experience of any product and to get a free membership that is to be approved by the site.So,try to write that review well.For that very first review you will not get any credit but that will be your key to enter this gold mine.

The payment proof of mine is attached below:

Link I

I am happy to help

This is important (Forgive me if I am boring you all with my straight third post for today),anyway,let us straight come to the point.I have seen some people getting signed up under me in various sites but I really do not know if they are facing any problem in those sites or they are enjoying their success.Actually,I will love to stay in touch with all of my referrals and occasionally I can even reward them.I can help them if they face any problem in any site.I have joined prior to them and surely I will have far more experiences than them.So,that is why I request you all to stay in touch and contact me if you face any single problem regarding any site.Here is this blogger here happy to help you all.

Even if you are not a referral of mine and still facing any problem in any site,you can let me know.I will help you with all my experiences if I am aware of that site.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Make money online from home using triond

Have you ever tried your hand in writing?Are you a good writer but in search of opportunities?Then I can give you a site name where you can get paid for writing.The site is known as triond and there you can really earn a handsome amount of money if you are good at writing.Good at writing obviously does not mean that you need to be a very skilled writer.But,you should write such things which will fetch new visitors to your writing.The more visitors you have it is better for you as they pay you accordingly your visitor number.They will also pay you if someone clicks advertisements shown with your content.If more number of comments are made in your content then your content should be good or at least it should have garnered some interest amoing visitors and that will increase your earnings as well.

There are no referral links allowed for any user.Just join this site and submit some original content.They will approve your article within 24 hours if it matches criteria and you can start earning money.By the way,I forgot to tell you that they pay using paypal and you should earn .50$ in a month to get paid the next month.

Sunday, August 2, 2009 a good paid to survey site

Now,again I am back(I am making so much new posts these days!) and back with a new site for all of you.Wait,this site is not that new either.They are here for a long long time and it is a survey site.This site pays you money based on the impressions that you have created for it and you can also get paid for your answers to the tweets that they publish on their twitter profile.You can earn money by various other ways like inviting people to make new conversations(That is what they call a survey!) or even referring a friend.But,you get paid only 3% of the total earnings of your friend.The minimum payout in this site is 20$(It will take some time to reach there) and they pay through paypal.I have not reached the minimum payout yet so cannot show you any payment proof now).I am searching for it and also found some but I need permission before posting them in my blog.Once,I get that I will post those for you all.I hope it helps you.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Tasks n Get Paid

Well,I just finished reading love aaj kal movie review and thought it will be nice to share my views (or should I say a review) about a task performing site that I recently encounterd.This site is known as microworkers and here you get paid to simply do some tasks.You may need to sign up to a different site or someones's Google Adsense advertisements to get paid.You have writing artilcles options as well(You will definitely get paid more if you write articles).The good thing is this site has only 10$ as the minimum payout and they accept paypal as well.

                                                                             Very recently I reached the minimum payout level in this site and I have requested for a payment as well.I am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping a lot that I can get my money. I will let you all know for sure if I get paid indeed.I have seen a lot of people getting paid from this site and I really hope a lot that my case is not an exception.


Sorry ! I was searching a lot

I am really sorry for all myreaders who have not seen any updates in my blog for a long time now(almost 10-15 days).Actually,I was searching for newer money making opportunities and I was trying really hard,I must add.I learnt a lot (Sometimes,it is necessary to talk less and learn a lot) and this is my place for sure to discuss this all with my friends out here.I will tell you all about all this but not now.You have to wait for some time.Let me gather some more knowledge so that when I need to answer your questions,I do not stammer answering those.Anyway,this was an update.Keep looking in my blog for newer money making opportunties.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Another payment from BRL Forum

This is my new update on payment proofs,I just got paid from BRL Forum again and I thought it will be a great thing to share the payment proof with all of you.You just have to visit the link given below to see the image.

Image Link

You can sign up for the site if you want to,here is the link below:

BRL forum