Sunday, August 2, 2009 a good paid to survey site

Now,again I am back(I am making so much new posts these days!) and back with a new site for all of you.Wait,this site is not that new either.They are here for a long long time and it is a survey site.This site pays you money based on the impressions that you have created for it and you can also get paid for your answers to the tweets that they publish on their twitter profile.You can earn money by various other ways like inviting people to make new conversations(That is what they call a survey!) or even referring a friend.But,you get paid only 3% of the total earnings of your friend.The minimum payout in this site is 20$(It will take some time to reach there) and they pay through paypal.I have not reached the minimum payout yet so cannot show you any payment proof now).I am searching for it and also found some but I need permission before posting them in my blog.Once,I get that I will post those for you all.I hope it helps you.


Boney Sharaon said...

Hi Blogger,
Thanks for taking part in my mylot task. You post each and everyday. I would like you to make a guest post in my blog. If interested, contact me at

Thanks again and I am following you too.
dNeero is a survey site with a twist. My friend got paid by them twice.

blogger said...

Thanks for commenting my friend Boney.It was great to know that you are from India as well.Well,I visited your blog for the mylot tasks but your blog seemed to be very useful for me.