Friday, July 31, 2009

Do Tasks n Get Paid

Well,I just finished reading love aaj kal movie review and thought it will be nice to share my views (or should I say a review) about a task performing site that I recently encounterd.This site is known as microworkers and here you get paid to simply do some tasks.You may need to sign up to a different site or someones's Google Adsense advertisements to get paid.You have writing artilcles options as well(You will definitely get paid more if you write articles).The good thing is this site has only 10$ as the minimum payout and they accept paypal as well.

                                                                             Very recently I reached the minimum payout level in this site and I have requested for a payment as well.I am now keeping my fingers crossed and hoping a lot that I can get my money. I will let you all know for sure if I get paid indeed.I have seen a lot of people getting paid from this site and I really hope a lot that my case is not an exception.