Saturday, May 16, 2009

An offer to share blog links

This is a kind of an offer for my blog viewers.For the first time I am making such an
offer though.I am a blogger and as you can see my blog is on "Making Money Online".So,I
want to ask other bloggers who are interested to share their blog links with me.You can
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should post your blog link with the comment made.I just have to check your blog link and
then I will inform you about the link sharing.Do not forget to mention a contact e mail id
of yours as on that Id,I will confirm you that the link is shared.

So,if you are interested
then start commenting immediately,both of us can get some good amount of traffic to our
respective blogs through this.This will help both of us.


bazza said...

i would like to share blog links with you just tell me howto do it

vkakochu said...

you have still not put my link in your blog
I have put yours.