Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Paid To Blog and you can advertise also

You love to blog is not it?Have you ever thought of this that you can be paid just by writing articles or small posts in your blog only?These are called paid reviews.You got paid by making a positive or sometimes,neutral review in your blog.Have you heard of these kind of money making opportunities?I was unaware at first about this kind of money making opportunity.But,now I regularly make paid reviews in my blog for these sites and earn money for that.The sites I am going to mention are not frauds or scams,that much I can assure you.I have been paid by these sites.I am not giving my payment proofs in this blog post but visit this blog soon because I am going to add those payment proofs very soon.I hope you also earn a good amount of money with help of it.

Blogger Ads

This one is the first site,so do not wait and join it to post posts and earn money.The site also has a great feature to support advertisers as well,advertisers who want to advertise some product or some site can join this site and get quality reviews on whatever you want.This is an easy way to generate buzz for your product or site with paying very less amount of money.

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This is the second site where you can post your blogs for approval and once they approve it,you can write blog posts on them for money.
The advertisers can also use this site to advertise on cheap price.I know some who has advertised on this site and they seem to be very happy with it.So,do not worry.